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Definitely your best work yet. Nice job with the mix.

Abombination responds:

Thanks! XD

This is really catchy, I like it! Those blip sweeps sound really good.

BlueOceans responds:


Pretty epic with all the complexities, nice job. Deserving of a follow.

Lockyn responds:

Thanks for checking out my music and the kind words! Love your tracks, man. Looking forward to future works! Cheers. (Followed ya too!)

I like this a lot. However, I think that the typical FL studio sound that you have going is really holding this track back. I would try getting some new plugins or something, or maybe even try another DAW. This is a common criticism I have on most of the tracks here on newgrounds, it's no big deal. Nice work anyhow.

Pulsar013 responds:

Def man - considering i made almost all of the sounds your hearing - your absoultly rite - and im in the process of having it fixed - might even remix this.

Not bad! However, my main criticism is that the kick is weak to my ears. It sounds kind of hollow and could use more lower frequencies. Also, try limiting and compressing the final mix a bit more. I will give you a better volume and sort of glue the tracks together more. All in all pretty solid though. The harmony and melodies are quite nice. Kudos to you as well.

ScrabbitTheRabbit responds:

Thanks for the review! Yeah, I agree the kick is kind of weak; I didn't really do much to it. I guess I just got lazy :'] I did try compressing the song more, too, it's just difficult to find the right balance. I'll get better at it in time. Thanks for the advice, it's much appreciated.

Very cool atmosphere! One thing though, did you do any compression or limiting? It sounds like a lot more volume could be squeezed out of this track if it was mastered better. I don't by any means consider myself an expert, but I know a thing or two about that stuff. PM me if you want any help!

Abombination responds:

When it comes to mixing and mastering I have almost no clue what I am doing. I still need to learn the basics. If you can teach them to me that would be great!

Zafrece has been teaching me but I dont want to bother him too much.

The best way to get a hold of me is skype.

I think it belongs in a different subgenre of electronic music section, but very cool track nevertheless.

Hellstick responds:

Trance was the closest i could get to happy hardcore in my opinion... Sadly there is not many genres to choose from when uploading songs:(
Glad you liked it though. Cheers!

Solid track! My only complaint is that the note pattern of the main synth gets repetitive, I would make the notes become continuous around the climax for some contrast. Nice side chaining btw.

djahmusic responds:

Thank you for your comment :p

Not bad at all! I agree with Shantom, there's definitely potential for this to be really good. Five stars if you make the bassline a bit less repetitive and arrange it into a full song!

dalby92 responds:

I will try as soon as possible ! I'm a little busy with the university at the moment :S Thank you very much for the review ;)

Sometimes I post remixes and stuff on my soundcloud that I can't post here, so check out that page as well. A link is below. Shoot me a message on soundcloud or here if you want to contact me for any reason.

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